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Technical trainings & certifications

Technical trainings & certifications Evolving technology is a RISK. New cranes – modern production lines – recent fire -extinguisher systems – New facilities … Your staff need trainings in order to efficiently maximise them while maintaining a “zero-accident” work environment. Through Blended Learning, WiServe provides the skills necessary to deliver quality training and to certify […]
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Capacity building & trainings

Capacity building & trainings Innovative business and human environments imply evolving skills in core areas – This is the only guarantee for sustainability. WiServe’s Capacity Building and Training Program enables people, communities, and organizations to strengthen their capabilities to develop, implement and maintain effective response mechanisms. We assist organizations to better understand and improve their […]
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Inspiring, empowering, and sustaining action that leads to the economic development of our clients across Africa

Douala - Cameroon
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